7 Tips to Stop Snoring ...


7 Tips to Stop Snoring ...
7 Tips to Stop Snoring ...

Does your partner snore? Does it drive you insane? Or perhaps you’re the culprit and it’s your man who’s going crazy. Getting a good night’s sleep is so important to a healthy lifestyle and can be made completely impossible by a noisy sleeper in your bed. Here are seven handy hints to fix a snoring nightmare so that you and you guy can get the rest you both deserve …

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Allergies cause congestion which in turn cause blocked airways, and together these result in the loud, rattling breath we call snoring. Getting hay fever treated with appropriate medication will open up the throat and sinuses and this will cure the problem. Also, if you suffer from allergies, be sure to keep windows closed at night, because if you throw them open, you'll be letting in all the danders, dust, and other allergens that irritate you and make you (or your man) snore.


Heavy Sleepers

Being overweight and being a snorer go hand in hand. Who knew it ladies, getting your guy to the gym might just help you sleep! Poor muscle tone and fatty tissue, particularly around the neck region, cause the throat to become compressed which makes breathing loud, laboured, and very annoying to sleep next to!


Posture Problems

People who sleep on their backs tend to snore far more than those who favour a sideways orientation. Lying flat causes the neck to relax and obstruct airways, so encourage your partner (or yourself) to lie facing the side: you’ll find breathing will become quieter immediately.


Burning Issue

Smokers are far more likely to snore than their non-smoking counterparts. This is because of damage to the respiratory system which results in airway blockages and difficult breathing, both of which make for a noisy night’s sleep. Kicking this nasty habit is better for your health and your sleep!


Kick the Meds

Depressants, like sleeping pills and alcohol, can cause snoring because they relax the muscles around your throat. This causes windpipes to become closed and makes for loud breathing. Girls, if you have trouble sleeping but the solution you’ve got makes you snore perhaps it’s time to look for a non-medicinal alternative?


Structured Sleeping

Studies have shown that people with irregular sleeping habits snore far more than those who go to bed and get up around the same time every night and day. Try to stick to a sleep schedule and in no time, experts suggest, your snoring will be a thing of the past.



If nothing else works and the snoring problem persists, visit your doctor or pharmacy and ask for an anti-snore device. There’s a wide variety of products on the market and these usually attempt to secure the jaw and teeth to prevent muscles relaxing and obstructing the airways.

Is snoring a problem in your life ladies? Do you have any tips to share? Why not drop us a line and let us in on your solutions; we’d love to know what you think …

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I have to do lots of traveling and mostly it is overnight journeys. Its terrible because I have to spend nights among unknown snorers.Poor me.

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