7 Wonderful Ways to Fall Asleep Fast ...


7 Wonderful Ways to Fall Asleep Fast ...
7 Wonderful Ways to Fall Asleep Fast ...

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Is every night spent tossing and turning, wondering how much sleep you´ll get or if you´ll spend the day yawning at work? It´s common to have problems falling asleep, and the lack of rest can really make you feel miserable and braindead (just ask any parent!). Help is at hand though – try these wonderful ways to fall asleep fast …

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Falling asleep is difficult if your body is tense. So relax those muscles and prepare them for sleep by having a good stretch. Slowly stretch your arms, legs and back, flexing every part of your body. Have you noticed how stretching makes you yawn? Before long, you´ll be yawning away and ready for a good night´s rest.



It´s often advised to have a bedtime routine for children, which helps to settle them down and understand that it´s time for sleep. This can also help for adults! Train your brain into preparing for sleep by following a routine, such as having a warm bath, reading or making a hot drink.


Wind down

It´s bound to be impossible to sleep if you go straight to bed after doing something that requires an active mind. So switch off the computer a while before you want to go to sleep, and give yourself time to wind down. It´s best also not to watch any scary films that will leave your mind racing and your heart thumping!



This could be one of the most popular ways of falling asleep! As I´ve pointed out, you need to be relaxed to go to sleep, and sex is a fantastic way of relaxing. So have some fun with your partner and fall asleep snuggling together afterwards!


Comfort Factor

Remember that we spend up to a third of our lives lying on a mattress, so for a good night´s sleep the mattress needs to be comfortable. You´re not going to be relaxed with springs digging in you! So if your bed has seen better days (or nights), invest in a new mattress and buy the best quality that you can afford.

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I find that it really helps me to fall asleep if I am in a comfortable position. In summer, I like to sleep one way, and in winter I adopt a quite different position. So try experimenting to see what makes you feel most relaxed and ready for sleep. Of course, this will vary from person to person.



Don´t you just envy men? They can sleep in any situation and through any amount of noise! It´s not the same for us girls though. We need the right environment. Consider factors like shutting out light, reducing noise from outside, have the room at a comfortable temperature, and if your other half snores, send him to the spare room!

Falling asleep should be so easy, yet it can be an enormous challenge. A good night´s sleep is essential for both our mental and physical wellbeing, so if you´re having trouble then try out these ways to fall asleep. Above all, try not to worry too much about not sleeping, as you then become trapped in a vicious circle. Have you found any odd but effective ways of getting to sleep?

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sex, really

I find I fall asleep much faster if I wear a sleep mask! It blocks out all the light, and pretty much forces me to shut my eyes.

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