10 Healthy Sleeping Habits to Develop ...


10 Healthy Sleeping Habits to Develop ...
10 Healthy Sleeping Habits to Develop ...

Like any other good habits, a set of healthy sleeping habits are difficult to develop, but so worth it! If you’re feeling run down and beat up, I can help. Here are 10 healthy sleeping habits to develop, all of them geared toward making you feel and look fantastic. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason, after all, right?

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Get 8 to 10 Hours Each Night

Most healthy adults need between 8 and 10 hours of sleep each night, but hardly any of us get that much, or close to it. A good night of sleep shouldn’t be a special-occasion treat; it’s the first of the healthy sleeping habits you need to develop — or rather, more like a vow to keep. Commit to getting at least 8 hours a night, with rare exceptions for parties and events you just can’t miss.


Set Your Internal Clock

We all have an internal clock, our unique built-in mechanism called a Circadian Clock that tells us when to sleep and when to wake. We don’t listen to them enough, though, relying on clocks and other outside schedules to tell us when to go to bed. Your Circadian Clock will automatically function on a 24-hour repeat, so learn to listen to it, and you’ll go to sleep before you feel exhausted, and wake feeling more refreshed.


Avoid Caffeine

If it’s impossible to forgo caffeine all day — that morning latte is necessary, seriously! — then at least promise to avoid caffeine after 4 p.m. This is one healthy sleeping habit we all forget, and when we indulge in a coffee or soda with dinner, we’ve accidentally sabotaged our good night’s sleep.


Don’t Exercise at Night

Exercising after dinner is also a mistake a lot of us make. It’s a dilemma — we want to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but we’re so busy during the day! Rather than working out at night, and causing insomnia, exercise first thing in the morning, and use that natural energy rush to fuel your work day!


Don’t Eat Too Late

Eating late at night, especially eating spicy foods, can also lead to sleeplessness. So here’s another healthy sleeping habit to work on — don’t eat late after 7 p.m. Also, avoid drinking anything, especially caffeinated drinks or alcohol. This eating and drinking embargo will help you fall asleep and stay asleep… without midnight trips to the bathroom.

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Change Your Bedding

Is there any feeling in the world better than sliding between fresh clean sheets at the end of a long day? Keep your bedding clean, and if possible, use a natural lavender scent to help you relax. Also, using clean bedding helps eliminate skin irritations… who knew?


Don’t Nap Too Late

It’s been a long work day, but resist the urge to crash on the couch and take a nap before or after dinner. Why? Because napping late in the day can cause a long, sleepless night. An occasional cat nap in the middle of the day is okay, but it’s best to avoid naps after 3 p.m.


Wash up

It’s also important to have a bedtime clean-up ritual, something that signals it’s time for sleep. A bed-time clean-up routine can include brushing your teeth (which also helps curb snack cravings), washing off make-up, and setting out your clothes for the next day.


Save Your Space!

Here’s another healthy sleeping habit to develop, one that might even save your relationships, not just your sleep. Reserve your bedroom for two activities only: sleep and sex. Don’t bring in electronics (like a TV or iPad) and don’t allow fighting or snacking. Leave those activities and items for other parts of the house!


Stay on Habit

Once you’ve developed these healthy sleeping habits, try to keep them! It will take some time, usually about 6 weeks, before these new habits take hold. After that, you’ll struggle to remember what your old habits were like… and you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

None of these healthy sleeping habits seem difficult, do they? The hardest parts will probably be the first one, and the one about reserving your bedroom for sleeping… but you can do it, and you’ll be so glad you did! Which of these healthy sleeping habits do you need to work on, and which have you already mastered? Do tell!

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i love sleep...

Good advice thnx!!!

Good advice

I have to work overnight in an ER 3 nights a week... So my schedule gets wacky. Any tips for someone like me? Thanks! ;)

Great! Another good thing about changing your sheets and pillow cases often is that it can help with acne problems! ( from the oils that build up)

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