10 Ways to Get a Brilliant Night's Sleep ...


10 Ways to Get a Brilliant Night's Sleep ...
10 Ways to Get a Brilliant Night's Sleep ...

I like sleep. I like that dreamy-so-tired-last-thing-at-night cuddle, and I like falling asleep, and I like waking up all nice and refreshed. I’ve never really had a problem sleeping, so when I can’t sleep, I can’t understand it. I’ve got no idea how to put myself to sleep... I mean, I’ve never needed to! Just recently I’ve had a fair few sleepless nights, though, and they’ve been driving me mad. Are you having the same? Here’s some ways to finally get a great night’s sleep...

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Price: $12 at naturesbest.co.uk
Valerian is the first thing that was recommended to me when I couldn’t sleep. A natural remedy, it comes from a plant grown in Europe and North America, and rather then chemically forcing sleep, it promotes it naturally. The Valerian calms the brain and body, and is even used as a mild treatment for depression. The best bit? It won’t leave you feeling groggy and under the weather when you wake up. Simply take one tablet a day, and up the dose if required.


Bach’s Rescue Remedy

Price: $11.50 at bachrescuesleep.com
From the amazing people who make Bach’s Rescue Remedy, this formula is fantastic. It contains a mix of herbal ingredients, including white chestnut, which releases the mind from repetitive thoughts and soothes fretfulness. Perfect to help you unwind from a busy day, and relax enough to go to sleep! It’s a great price, too, and easy easily transported for nights away from home.


Cooler Sleep Wear

Price: $20 at coolsleepwear.co.uk
If heat tends to keep you awake, then this is the company for you! Cool Sleep Wear make sleepwear in special material which allows air to flow through it four times faster then cotton. Which means your body stays ventilated throughout the night, and you won’t wake up feeling grouchy and overheated. Know any menopausal or pregnant women? They’ll love these!


Napiers ‘Sweet Dreams’ Formula

Price: $16 at napiers.net
This formula was suggested to be from a friend of my Mothers, who swears by it! A careful blend of herbs including passionflower, oats and chamomile, it induces sleep easily and is the perfect solution for anyone who can’t take Valerian. It’s also liquid, which means it’s great if you don’t like to take tablets.



Napiers 'Sweet Dreams' Formula is a herbal remedy that is known for its effectiveness in inducing sleep. It contains a blend of passionflower, oats, and chamomile, which are all natural ingredients that have calming and relaxing properties. This formula is recommended for those who have trouble sleeping but cannot take Valerian. It is also available in liquid form, making it a convenient option for those who prefer not to take tablets. Priced at $16, it can be purchased on the Napiers website, making it easily accessible for anyone looking for a natural and affordable solution for a good night's sleep.



Price: $200 at lightsleeper.co.uk
This is an expensive piece of kit, so it’s only worth considering if you have a lot of sleepless nights. It works fantastically, though! You get ready for bed normally, and make the room dark. Then switch on the lightsleeper, which will glow a circular light at the ceiling. You follow it with your eyes, which encourages your body and mind to switch off, and lulls you into a deep sleep. Then the machine turns itself off automatically, after half an hour. I’ve never been able to watch it for that long!

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Nelsons Noctura

Price: $10 at nelsonshomeopathy.com
For a while I had the frustrating problem of fighting to get to sleep, only to wake up an hour or so later, and having to struggle back to sleep again. These herbal tablets are perfect for anyone with that problem! They blend six herbal remedies together, and will quickly ease you to sleep. And if you wake up, you can take another one, to help you back off again. Perfect!


Tisserand Goodnight

Price: $9 at boots.com
I love this! It smells utterly divine. The oils are carefully intertwined to soothe and comfort, while promoting sleep, and you’ll feel completely relaxed within minutes of smelling it. You don’t have to drink it, take any tablets or wash in it, either; you simply just have to roll it over your pressure points.



Price: $25 at restbites.co.uk
Talking to a friend a few weeks ago, she told me that her solution to sleep problems is restbites. I thought she meant napping through the day until she showed me the website! These chocolate and pumpkin biscuits contain carbohydrates to promote digestion, and amino acids which help us to fall asleep. And they taste divine. They are quite expensive, though, with $25 only buying 10 biscuits.


Herbal Teas

Price: $4 at teaworld.co.uk
Herbal Tea’s infused with herbs such as chamomile are a great way to promote sleep, and only take a few minutes to make. Simply boil the kettle, make the tea, and do relaxing breathing exercises while drinking it. I don’t like tea too much, so I much prefer having Horlicks! Both are excellent ways to check you are hydrated and put yourself to sleep, though.


Pillow Mists

Price: $10 at marksandspencer.com
I love pillow mists! My favourite Marks and Spencers pillow mist contains all the herbal ingredients necessary to make me fall asleep, and make the room smell fantastic while they are doing it. I love waking up in a lovely smelling room! Simply spritz this on your pillows, give it a few minutes and lie down. You’ll be asleep in no time!

I’ve been testing these products for a few weeks, and I’m happy to report that my sleeping habits are back to normal, and getting to sleep is effortless now! They really are fantastic natural solutions to insomania. Remember that if it lasts for longer than 3 months you should see your doctor, however. Tested one of these, or found your own way to get to sleep? Please let me know!

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We use Melatonin in our family. I have a hard time falling asleep due to my medications, and you naturally have melatonin in your body. So the melatonin pill starts the sleep process and helps you fall asleep faster. Works great for children too.

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