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Are you looking for some tips to stop snoring for yourself or someone you know? If so, I’ve rounded up eight simple remedies to help stop snoring! I know how difficult it can be to sleep next to someone who snores or how embarrassing it is to be told you snore, so let’s get to the bottom of this situation! Keep on reading below to for some helpful tips to stop snoring and rest easier!

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Switch Positions

When you’re talking about tips to stop snoring, the position in which you sleep is pretty darn important. While we’ve been encouraged by skin care experts to sleep on our backs to avoid fine lines from friction, doing so also can cause snoring. When we sleep on our backs, our tongue and soft palate collapses to the back of our throat, which can create a vibrating sound during sleep. Switch sleeping positions to the side to help avoid snoring.


Start Stripping

If you want to know how to stop snoring, you have to start stripping-with nasal strips, that is! Nasal strips that you wear to bed can help open up your nose to help you breathe better and sleep better. These small strips also help reduce congestion so you can sleep soundly. There are also nasal breathing aids that you wear inside your nasal passages to reduce snoring, also. Look for brands like Breathe Right and Brez.


Lose Excess Weight

If you’ve gained weight and also started snoring, losing the excess weight can help. Having excess weight around the neck squeezes the internal diameter of the throat, which can cause it to collapse and cause snoring. But for those who have always snored before any fluctuations in their weight or those who have always been thin and still snore, skip this tip!


Treat Nasal Congestion

If you have allergies or a deviated septum, this can make it difficult to breathe through your nose and you’ll be forced to be a mouth-breather. Breathing through your mouth is fine but it also increases your chances that you’ll snore, plus who wants to go to sleep with a runny or stuffed up nose? Take allergy medication or use a humidifier so you can breathe easier or see a doctor about options if you have a deviated septum.


Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t the only substance in question when it comes to snoring, anything that sedates you can also promote snoring! So if you have trouble sleeping, avoid having a nightcap or taking sleeping pills to help you drift off to sleep as they can reduce the level of activity in your central nervous system and cause your jaw and throat muscles to relax, which can encourage snoring. Also, alcohol and sedatives can contribute to sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder with paused breathing or low breathing while sleeping.

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While reading about how to stop snoring, don’t underestimate the importance of regular exercise! Snoring amongst those with poor muscle tone is common, so exercising regularly to help tone your abs, arms and legs can also result in toning the muscles of your throat, which can result in decreased snoring! Keep in mind that just because you snore doesn’t mean you have poor muscle tone, there are a variety of reasons why people snore!


Mouth Guard

Another snoring remedy option to try is a mouth guard. This device helps prevent the collapse of the soft tissues in your throat while you’re sleeping. Mouth guards are worn in your mouth while you sleep and can be highly effective in helping stop or decrease snoring, but they do have some drawbacks. Some people experience jaw or mouth pain, dry mouth or excessive salivating from wearing the mouth guard.


Elevate Your Head

A less intrusive snoring remedy is to simply elevate your head while you sleep. When you keep your upper body raised up it takes some pressure off of your airways, which can make breathing and sleeping easier. Try raising up the head of your bed or using pillows to elevate your upper body when you go to sleep.

No matter who’s doing the snoring, there are simple remedies that can make the situation easier for both parties! Snoring is very common and just about everyone snores on occasion, so don’t feel like you’re the only one! There are quite a few options in helping yourself or someone you know stop snoring so don’t suffer in silence. Do you have any tips to help stop snoring?

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You may have sleep apnea. So please see your doctor!!!!

Drink more water!

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